Friday, April 15, 2011

The Writer Band Sophomore Album!

They say JUMP RIGHT INTO THE ACTION, DUDE/DUDESS!  And that’s exactly what we did with the Writer Band’s sophomore album titled JUMP RIGHT INTO THE ACTION, PEOPLE!  This is our best album to date, and unlike when other artists proclaim this, we’re write, lol, get it?

1.    Prologue Part 1
2.    Prologue Part 24
3.    Watch my picture slideshow with music...I mean book trailer
4.    He Steven Seagal’d my jaw
5.    Hold it right there, new character, state your age, sex, physical description and location
6.    He set his clock for U.S. time
7.    What's the weather like out there in your novel?
8.    He said.  She said.  They emancipated.
9.    If you want to get on this flight, show me your one-page synopsis
10. The four friends, Bill, Bob, Bogart and Bragginghards...
11. He said, "I just got done writing my novel."  His non-writing friend said, "Yeah, I might write a novel tomorrow."
12. No one answered What is Literary Fiction? correct
13. Write what you know, unless you're a dumbass
14. Go to hamburger school...seriously
15. Try a Canadian agent
16. And so deflates my 190,020 word novel, Using Air to Fill Your Tires: How to do it Properly, Safely, and Greenly
17. You're writing can't be worse than THIS song
18. She approached him like a lone pickle in a jar, but she loved pickles, so she attacked him with a shank and is now serving life in prison
19. Where's the honest agent?  I mean Waldo?
20. She gave me a hardcover
21. "ARE U THIS GAI I NO?!?!"
22. My novel is bigger than yours!
23. Want to meet at Bung Hole or Phat Phuc's Noodle Bar (Both actual restaurants located in London, England)
24. Pulchritudinous Endings
THE ENDbet you read this before 24©
25. Epilogue 1
26. Epilogue 9 can be found in book 2
27. Book 2 Chapter 1
28. Acknowledgements:
29. Thnx mom for gettin' me a PC w/ the internets
30. An' my gf Willow <3
31. PS—Hey Tom, remember the toaster strudel incident of 95?!

BONUS TRACK: Like printer speed, the police enthrall

Hey, down here!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. BLAHahahahahaha!!!!!

    I must have the album AND that sweater!