Friday, April 1, 2011

Office Band Sophomore Album, Contest Reminder

It’s Friday again, and I just want to remind everyone that the deadline for the SyFy contest is Sunday at midnight.  So get your free $15 gift card while you can!

On a personal note, the attention The Memory Eater anthology is receiving has blown my expectations out of the water.  At this pace, I’m confident it will be a success.

Now back to today—I’ve decided to dedicate Fridays to the workforce, so without further ado, here is the track-listing for the Office Band’s second album:

  1. When printers collide.
  2. Wax is better than rubber fingers, but Marty doesn’t think so
  3. What decade are those mints from?
  4. My last squirt of hand sanitizer
  5. The IT guy who also knew karate
  6. Tape dispenser’s revenge
  7. That guy who always says hello while passing by in the hallway
  8. Why does my computer have a floppy drive?
  9. Depressing gray is a real color
  10. The unopened box of staples is plotting
  11. Copier full of blood (and dead bodies)
  12. Fire up the 1941 scanner, now
  13. I went to the health fair and all I got was fifteen pens and nine unsharpened pencils
  14. Watch out for the power walker gang
  15. No one told me it was dress down day
  16. Hey, Dorothy, your fake plants look nice today
  17. Some people never learn how to spell my last name, Zynlsidnejdoskesidkeis
  18. The upside down post-it note.  What does it say?
  19. Who burnt popcorn in the microwave? Pt. 1
  20. Who burnt popcorn in the microwave? Pt. 2 (Now the fire company is here and we have to evacuate the building)

Good luck, and have a great weekend!

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