Monday, March 28, 2011

How Do You Stay Motivated?

Since it's Monday, the most unmotivating day of the week, I'm curious how fellow writers stay committed to progress?

This picture was taken at my wedding, and as you can see, there are roughly nine authors waiting for their novels to finish themselves.

This is how I look at home—staring at the computer screen.  My wife saying, "Can I use that for a minute?"  Me saying, "Yeah, after I finish this sentence."  An hour later, she lures me away with a video game dangling from a stick.

I do a majority of my writing at work (shhh!).  It seems when my brain is already fired up, I best get the most out of it before it shuts down on the car ride home.  So part of my motivation is to work while I work to kill two birds with one boulder.

On the other hand, I'm motivated to write by my desire to entertain.  I love people's reactions—making them laugh—making them think.  Stimulating the mind and creating a topic for people to talk about.

So with that said, what motivates you?  Money?  Fame?  Love of the craft?  Achieving goals?  Getting that crazy tattoo based on a Bob Ross painting?

And to celebrate having enough followers, I'm planning a contest.  It's probably going to take place next Monday, and yes, there will be a prize for the winner.  I'm thinking a $15 gift card to one of three places.  Stay tuned.

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