Thursday, March 17, 2011

Addressing Questions / Tip of the Day

First, I'm happy to announce that the first submissions came in today.  Thank you to those who submitted.

Second, I'd like to answer a few questions asked of me.  Let me start off with a funny one. 

Q:  What rights are you asking for?
A:  I will ask authors for First Anthology Rights and 6 months exclusivity.  This means 6 months after I publish the anthology all rights revert back to the authors.

Q:  Is this something you're doing as a physical book, or ebook?
A:  I'm currently putting together a mock draft of the first few stories to submit as an example to publishers.

If that bridge crumbles, the plan will be as follows:

I'll aim to release this anthology as print-on-demand through CreateSpace and sell it on Amazon.  Next I'll plan to release the anthology as an ebook through Kindle and other formats.

Q:  How are you defining "equal amount" anyway?  With no wordcount, someone who submits a 500 word flash fiction piece gets the same percentage as someone with a 20,000 word story?
A:  The same argument can be made for someone who produces a better quality story in fewer words.  Bottom line is, I don’t want to promote the idea of padding, so authors will be paid according to their number of stories rather than word count.

Q:  Who is financially responsible for the editing, proofreading, etc?  Who will be listed as the publisher? (I assume you since you are the one running this?)  
A:  The profits will be split by the total number of published stories(less cover artist)/individual author's total number of published stories.  The editor will be counted as a published author, sharing in the profits as well.  I will be listed as the publisher.

Q:  Who decides the order of the stories?
A:  Once I select the stories that will be included in the anthology, I want everyone to have a fair say in what happens next. Fact is, I'm an author too, so this work will be a collective effort. As far as the order of the stories? Once I finish compiling the book, I will send it out to all of the authors for feedback/suggestions. After a week, I will most likely hold an online workshop to discuss it.

Q:  What is the timeframe from submission to selection and then selection to publication?
A:  It's currently TBA, but I'm already in the process of editing certain stories and getting the structure of the book in place.

With that being said, I will make sure this anthology is the best it can be.  That I promise.  And if there is ever a better plan of action, I'm always willing to listen.  The important thing to remember is that once the final authors are selected, this will be a group effort.

If anyone has any other questions, please feel free to email me.

Now, for anyone with kids who refuse to eat, I've discovered a little trick.  It may be a bit cruel, but for some reason, it works.  That is unless your child is immune to the penetrating stare of a personal injury lawyer.

So tonight for dinner, my family had salad and homemade pizza.  My son, however, tossed his fork away, slumped in his chair, folded his arms and said in a raised voice, "No!"  And this is normal come vegetable time.  The threats of "You'll be small forever" and "Batman will hire someone else as his sidekick" just don't work anymore.  But tonight I saw a sign.  This sign:

He's an ambulance chaser whose picture was pasted to our new phonebook.  And as a joke, I showed my son the picture and said, "Do I need to call this guy?"  My son immediately straightened up and reached for his fork while pleading, "No, don't call him!  He'll take me to jail."

Moral of the story is, if I ever have a problem again, I'll pull the personal injury lawyer card, literally.

(Don't worry, I told my son children don't go to jail.)


  1. hahaha, I would eat my veggies if you showed me that picture too. Scary stuff! :D

  2. I actually had to throw the picture away, my son was that scared of it, lol. For some reason, he thought that guy was going to call the police and have him taken to jail. Now he's on the lookout for any new phonebooks being delivered.

  3. Do you have a reversion clause--something that says if you don't publish the anthology in, say, a year, rights revert to the writer?

    Loved the lawyer-picture story, too.

  4. If I don't publish the work 12 months after the contract is signed, all rights revert back to the author.

    I forgot about that lawyer story. Doesn't really fit now that it happened so many months ago:)

    Anyway, don't hesitate to ask any other questions.

    C. P.

  5. I've been working on an idea to tie in the memory eater with an alternate dimension series I'm writing for a different anthology, and make the story for yours the next story in the series. It would have enough description of backstory to stand alone, but my question is if you would have rights to this world if I write more stories on my own since it would have the memory eater idea as part of the setting.

  6. The license for the Memory Eater permits others to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work for non-commercial purposes only.

    Hope that helps.