Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Memory Eater is Coming

I’ve been a bit slow with the blog posts lately, but this is the calm before the storm.  I’ve been meticulously preparing The Memory Eater for launch, and with over 50 contributors, there are a lot of checks to be made.  Not to mention that Word’s weapon of choice, formatting, nearly whooped me into submission.

But the near-finished product (about 95% complete) has turned out so amazingly well, thanks to the hard work of many, that I’m bursting with excitement to share it with the world.

I will be posting more updates in the coming weeks about what’s next for the anthology, specifically when and where it can be purchased.

I appreciate everyone who has followed this journey.  You’ve watched a mere idea from inside my head snowball into what’s here today.  It’s been long (like that car crawling in the passing lane you want to drive off the road), and hard, and frustrating, and there were a handful of professional authors wizards who tried to bring down this idea from the get go, but the positive support from many has kept me pushing forward.

So I just want to say thank you to all of those people who wanted to help.  Even if you said something nice in passing, it has really meant the world to me.