Friday, February 17, 2012

Free Upcoming Contests

I've rounded up information about a few writing contests that are fast approaching.  If you love competition, like me, then the following will probably make your mind explode with ideas.

Deadline:  2/29/2012
Contest Name:  2012 Writing Contest
For:  Writers
Theme:  Anything goes
Submit:  Fiction up to 1,500 words
Prizes:  $500 for 1st and $200 for 2nd

Deadline:  2/29/2012
Contest Name:  Write While You Wait
For:  Writers
Theme:  Use these five words: hullabaloo, contest, hurry up and wait, kimchi, beer
Submit:  Fiction up to 150 words
Prizes:  $25

Deadline:  3/1/2012
Contest Name:  The East India Press Short Story Contest
For:  Writers
Theme:  Good writing/optional setting
Submit:  Fiction up to 2,500 words
Prizes:  $1,000, publication and manuscript consideration

Deadline:  3/2/2012
Contest Name:  Next Top Artist
For:  Artists and writers
Theme:  Anything goes
Submit:  Fiction/nonfiction novel excerpt up to 5,000 words or a drawing
Prizes:  $5,000 and advertisement of artwork/critique of manuscript

Deadline:  3/15/2012
Contest Name:  Annual Ultra-Short Competition
For:  Writers and poets
Theme:  Anything goes
Submit:  Fiction or poetry up to 150 words
Prizes:  $300

Deadline:  4/9/2012
Contest Name:  "If you can write…"
For:  Writers
Theme:  Ideals based on the poem "IF"
Submit:  Fiction up to 6,700 words and nonfiction up to 2,500 words
Prizes:  $500 for 1st, cash prizes for 2nd and 3rd, and publication in online magazine

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