Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Get Sidetracked (plus a Memory Eater sneak peek)

As I’ve been pussyfooting around flirting with my writing lately, I found some cool writing-related websites to mess around with.  Here they are, brought to you list style:

This is a useful site that allows you to transform a bunch of text (even full manuscripts) into word clouds.  The words you use the most will appear the biggest, thus helping you trim some of the monotony out of your writing. 

As an example, I submitted the 27 story titles from The Memory Eater, and this was the result.

So for those keeping an eye out for the anthology, there are the scrambled titles.

I always see authors list the characters in their stories along with celebrity photos of who would/will play them.  I recently found a better alternative—make your own characters.  Evolver gives you the option to start off with a full model character or upload your own photo.  Then you transform the model or photo into your vision of your character, bringing them into a full, unique life.

"I used to wear normal clothes like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee." 

This is a little form where you plug in your manuscript’s title information, and it will tell you the percentage of it being a bestseller.

The title The Memory Eater has a 35.9% chance of being a bestselling title!

The title Taking a Bath with Hot Chocolate has a 55.4% chance of being a bestselling title!

Think you’re fast at typing?  Is it not only crucial to your hobby, but also your job?  Can you type faster with your two pointer fingers than the average person using ten?  Then head on over to Typeracer and enter their global typing competition.  For fun, of course.

This site allows and encourages you to write 750 words per day.  It hosts and saves your work so you can access it anywhere with internet connection.

Hilarious text messages which are skewed by an evil phone overlord…or by the phone’s actual autocorrect feature.

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