Friday, August 12, 2011

Progress Report—Upcoming Contest—CCC Book Preorders

Questions for a publisher:  Fellow friend and head of the Columbus Creative Cooperative, Brad Pauquette, is more than willing to answer any publishing-related questions to the best of his ability.  Brad went from unpublished author to a publisher ready to start work on a third book in a matter of months, so feel free to inquire about his process and the trials and tribulations of taking charge and making your own luck.

If you have a question, email it to me at  I’ll compose the ones I receive into a list and ship them over to Brad so he can spill his guts.

September contest and book release:  I’m working on the details for a Columbus Creative Cooperative contest which is slated to begin on the 1st of next month.  The contest will be held to promote the CCC’s release of their second anthology, Overgrown: Tales of the Unexpected, which just so happens to include one of my stories.  The anthology can be preordered HERE.  There are a few sweet prizes up for grabs, so make sure to check back here occasionally in the next two weeks for further details.

The Memory Eater Update:

Submissions received:  189
Submissions rejected:  140
Shortlist:  38
Submissions I haven’t made a decision on yet:  11

Mockup of the anthology:  Three stories have been illustrated and composed into an example which I provided to a publisher.  I’m currently waiting to hear back from them.

What next?:  We’re very close to a last call for submissions, which will give authors two weeks to wrap up and get their entries in. 

In the meantime, I’m in the process of the cutting down the shortlist, so if you’re on it, I’ll be emailing you soon to let you know if you’ve made the anthology or not.

I’ll be posting quick updates as we move forward and more becomes certain.  In the meantime, have a great weekend!


  1. Yay, good to know.

  2. Hey, Immotus, I noticed you also live in Columbus. Have you ever heard of or thought about joining the Columbus Creative Coop?