Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quick Update/Memory Eater Fashion Show

There are 11 submissions I haven’t made a decision on yet remaining in my Memory Eater folder.  Do they or do they not fit in with the rest of the selections?  I’m debating that now.

I’m also preparing an email to send out to all of the participating artists.  It will include a permission form I’ll need signed in order to include each story’s illustration.

The editing phase will begin next week—WOOT!  Until then, here are two searches people used in the last week to find this blog:

bob ross tattoo
bathroom stall penny loafers

And for your viewing pleasure, here is the Memory Eater fashion show:

This is the literal version of the "hands on" approach.

Not sure what to say here.

Thinking inside the box.

For the kids.

For the fashionable rubber-neckers.

She tried to quit "stuffed turkey".

This one makes me feel really uncomfortable.

Terrible idea?

Terrible idea 2?

Terrible idea 3?

"The mothership will land on Main Street?  Gotch ya!"

Eyeball strainer?


Connected to awkwardness.

Connected to overkill.

The natural way.

The awkward way.

The barbaric way.

The futuristic way.

The hungry way.

The "I'm staring through your windows" way.

Batman's bleached utility belt.

The human mic-check. 


That's all.  Please don’t hate me for my corny comments.


  1. This was made oh so much better by the fact that Google found it appropriate to advertise Buxom Big & Healthy lipstick next to the post.

  2. That was awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  3. C. P. -- does this mean you've notified all of the people who are already in that they're in?